Neo•Paradigms means New Models!

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Neo´ Paradigms n. pl. new patterns or models
it used to be true that you had to choose between the elegance of a powerfully coded project and the gracefulness of an artist's conception of your ideal form.
No more - and never again!
Neo•Paradigms takes a page from the Rodin's handbook to note that Form fits Function ...Beautifully. We are not clay-footed code-gnomes never looking beyond the spec sheet. We are artisan-craftsmen with a specific goal: provide a sustainable, extensible solution that our clients will be proud to own.

Welcome to the Future
Custom Development
The primary responsibility of our developers is to assist your ongoing or new software development goals. We produce custom ASP and scripted solutions for your online needs; e-commerce credit acceptance, secure downloads, query forms and email responders and more. If you need it, we will build it.

We have more than a decade of experience in data design and retrieval. We will build your database or code to it for your mission critical business unit needs, your web site, or your web-aware applications.
Need a custom solution with off-the-shelf compatibility? We will write your application to integrate with MS Office, Lotus, ACT!, Goldmine, or whatever you require.
Professional Web Design
Website Design
Need a dynamic, data-driven e-commerce site with an extensible shopping cart? Need a lightning-fast strict HTML site that looks the same in every browser? Need a site that will appease all the varied requirements of the top search engines so your site will be found in excellent rankings? Need a site that can be either FLASH or FLASH-Enhanced or not depending upon the browser that loads it?
Do you want some or all of the above and more? We are the right company for your project. We know all the tricks (and even authored a few of them). We can even help you navigate the perilous waters of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) internet company offerings with consultation based on real-life experience. What you do not know about the SEO marketplace WILL cost you thousands (but our advice on this is free. See our Articles section)
Business Graphics
Media & Presentations
Corporate Branding is more than just a spiffy icon. Logo, Letterhead, Color and more all play their part and our designers can provide or work with all of these and more to produce elegant and useful solutions for your needs.
Neo•Paradigms specializes in 3D and photo realistic images and animations for business use. We will use your specifications or build them from your depiction. Our design team has the skills necessary to step in wherever you need them; conceptual design, modeling and testing and all the way through to product marketing media delivered in print-ready formats of your choosing.
Multimedia is a very broad concept. Neo•Paradigms has experience in producing computer and online based training, CD/DVD navigation, broadcast quality video, web broadcasts, paste-ups for publication and marketing, even the humble business card (and the not-so-humble too!)