Media Projects
We have selected a few diverse samples of work we have been involved in. The tools and methods vary greatly from VRML to animation to post-processing and more. We hope you enjoy these selections of product design, commercial video, logo and letterhead..

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End Loop segment for industrial film
Commercial End Loop


Procedural Animations 

Our trademark PORTAL; used to indicate a link to another VRML scene.
VRML Sample 1 

VRML demo of client project.  Used By Permission.
VRML Product Display

Early conceptual design of client product. Used by permission.
Conceptual Image 

Video of client product - predated actual product by many months and used for first round investment purposes.
Concept Demo Video 

Advertising graphic for an auto solar shade.
Product Advertisement

Inside tri-fold brochure for solar shade.
Brochure - Inside 

Outside tri-fold brochure for solar shade.
Brochure - Outside 

Rework of spa broker logo
Logo Treatment

Sample Business Card w/Logo
Business Card 

Sample Logo & Letterhead.