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Web Projects
The following samples are composed of both actual and conceptual designs that we have performed for clients in the past few months. Those designs belonging to clients are presented with their permission and are, along with their branding elements, the property of the respective clients. Neo•Paradigms is not in the cookie-cutter web site business and, as such, does not have a store of templates for sale. Our designs do run along some recurrent themes with regard to composition of elements but we approach every web from a blank page perspective. We would like to thank the All-Hosting Networks, in particular, for their generous agreement to allow our display of a few of the 16 sites we performed for them this year You may also notice a couple of previous designs from our own site's history.

Click picture for larger view and brief explanation of site.

Flash Button Menu and inset frame page navigation
All-Hosting 1

Flash header Nav, frame inset with Flash and HTML paging.
100% Telecom 

HTML ver. of Dual FLASH and HTML site
A1 HealthPlans 

Fully scripted HTML site with Auto-Generation of sub-domains for Affiliate sign-ups, more...
A! Telcom

HTML & VRML Product demo site
Suprene Sail & Surf 

HTML 3D Design, inset frame navigation
Orbital Corp. demo 

Multiple HTML, DHTML and scripting styles demonstrated throughout the site.
NeoParadigms V:12

HTML site targeting Business to Business software sales
<site proof> 

Flash demo viewable under our Web Services Menu

HTML site for Business to Business Telecommunications

HTML site targeting Business to Business software sales
<site proof> 

HTML & Flash composition site
<site proof>